Materials Engineering
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Instructor: 曾柏昌
Teaching assistant: 李冠諴
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Materials Engineering
機械工程學系 (U61)
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DESCRIPTIONS:   The subject of materials science and engineering is an essential course to engineers and scientists from all disciplines. With advances in science and technology, development of new engineering fields, and changes in the engineering profession, today’s engineer must have deeper, more diverse, and up-to-date knowledge of material related issues. At a minimum, all engineering students must have the basic knowledge of the structure, properties, processing, and performance of various classes of engineering materials. This is crucial first step in the materials selection decisions in every day rudimentary engineering problems. A more in-depth understanding of the same topics is necessary for designers of complex systems, materials failure analysts, and research and development engineers.
  1.   Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering
  2. Atomic Structure and Bonding
  3. Crystal and Amorphous Structure in Materials
  4. Solidification and Crystalline Imperfections
  5. Thermally Activated Processes and Diffusion in Solids
  6. Mechanical Properties of Metals I
  7. Mechanical Properties of Metals II
  8. Phase Diagrams
  9. Engineering Alloys
  10. Corrosion

William F. Smith and Javad Hashemi, “Foundations of Material Science and Engineering, “McGraw-Hill, Sixth SI Edition, 2018東華書局/新月圖書代理

Grading description


  1. 3 Exams 60%, [10/26(14:10pm~16:00pm), 12/07(14:10pm~16:00pm), 01/11/2022(14:10pm~16:00pm)]
  2. 3 Chapters Reading and Survey Reports 20%,

(Ch.10 Section10.1 Introduction and 10.2 Polymerization Reactions pp.489-503) 10/28,

(Ch.13 Section 13.1 Corrosion and Its Economic Impact and 13.2 Electrochemical Corrosion of Metal pp. 721- 724) 12/02,

(Ch.17 Section 17.1 introduction and 17.2 Biological Materials: Bone pp. 935-941) 01/06/2022

  1. Many Technological Video Review Reports and Quiz 20%
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